One more year, this eve, I bring up one of the concerns that surely will be #TrendingTopic in the coming hours and that concern the nutritional issues. I refer to alcohol abuse and one of its inexorable and painful consequences: the hangover .

I told you about it a year ago, when with science in hand we turned the myth that one nail takes out another nail … a question that in the field of carpentry could have its that, but not when drinks alcoholic is about Moreover, in the case of “a nail to another nail”, and in the case of consumption of alcoholic beverages, this practice seems to be more associated with an excuse behind a genuine problem of alcoholism, than a beneficial one remedy against hangover.

And you know that I do not speak for speaking, two years ago I published a post that highlighted the special interest of the general population at this time of year to know about remedies against the hangover . A fact that according to statistics picks up every weekend throughout the year but that in New Year is multiplied by five .

Either way this year, the news is especially encouraging, the state of the matter remains the same. I summarize it in one sentence:

There is no effective intervention to prevent or treat hangover symptoms.

Image result for no prevention

This is the general conclusion of the 2005 article Interventions for preventing or treating alcohol hangover: systematic review of randomized controlled trials (“Interventions to prevent or treat alcoholic hangover: systematic review of randomized controlled trials “)

Moreover, do not miss it, this systematic review contemplated the use of both conventional and considered strategies (aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol …) and complementary (consumption of artichoke extract, honey, ginseng, phytotherapy in general …) and even the most domestic ones (showering, eating pizza, eggs, bananas, drinking the air …) and, according to her:

There is nothing to help prevent or treat alcoholic hangover other than abstinence or, at least, moderation .

You may be surprised by this type of conclusion when in popular culture there are some remedies that have been taken for infallible … but it is what there is. Thus, when the most habitual and even popularly accepted preventive or palliative remedies are observed under the prism of science, the reality that remains is that there is nothing like giving time for the natural biological processes to fulfill their purpose .

Finally, among the most recent studies with a slightly positive reading regarding the hangover it is worth mentioning this publication Does hangover influence the time to next drink? An investigation using ecological momentary assessment (“Does the hangover influence the time elapsed to re-drink? A timely ecological assessment investigation”) that suggests that, at least modestly, suffering from a hangover could increase the time in which the Frequent drinkers face the next cup .

So, beyond the legal consequences that leads to the consumption of alcoholic beverages and focusing on your health and next discomfort … you can do what you want, from taking vitamin B1 supplements to beating raw eggs, butter and artichokes the day before ; or if you prefer, entrust to Dionisio … in the end your melopea, its consequences and your hangover will not depend as much on it, as it will on your common sense in front of the glasses .

Movilízate and find out what you eat. For some labels without cheating!

Much to our dismay the labeling and the publication of food are not infrequently misleading

I am convinced that it is not always a matter of bad baba , that is to say that there is always a certain effort behind those labels to make an impression on the consumer different from the reality, but in many other occasions I think that there is fraud after those labeled almost always deceitful and sometimes, in addition, fraudulent. However, as I say there are also cases of flagrant ineptitude , stupidity if you prefer to say so. One of them I told you in this post when talking about the impossibility that in many coffee labels and cookies of a well-known food distributor the sum of the parts was greater than the total when fats are concerned (ie , that the sum of the content in saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats was an order of magnitude greater than the amount of declared total fats), another example is the classic one of those ” Pipas sin sal ” as a product name that later clarified its ingredients that way: “Ingredients: Pipes and Salt”. Ole

But not all are “errors” without bad intention (if that is the case of the two previous examples that I am not clear). Sometimes we find that bad slob in food labeling when we highlight a feature of the product that although it is true “is there” the reality is that its presence is downright ridiculous. I told you in this post when talking about the tetrabrick broth with chicken, specifically with 0.7% poultry or the home soup for paella with shrimp from Huelva, specifically with 0.3% prawn of Huelva . Not to mention the ridiculousness of the ” bread crumbs made with fresh bread ” … sorry?

In addition there is bad free baba with that of the homemade, natural and Mediterranean … expressions all absolutely empty of credibility when they come inscribed in an industrial mayonnaise sauce, some very healthy biscuits or canned lentils. I’ve told you in several post already, some examples here , here , here and here . They are put because they project in the consumer an image of good vibes, more healthy food … in definitive accounts of an added value that certainly does not have. The only way that some cookies or lentils or industrial croquettes were truly homemade is that those who make them live in the factory , that this was their house and already, therefore, they were homemade, but really-goop … I do not know if you understand me?

Then there is the bad baba covered in legality , this is typical of the largest.

Then there is the bad baba covered in legality , this is typical of the largest.

They know very well to look for the return to the law of the labeling and publicity to pretend to say one thing expensive to the consumer when in fact they are saying another or … directly the allegation that is made is certain, it is proclaimed with great fanfare, it does not work for -gives. Example of this last thing we have in some sausages that the publi told us that they were a dietary source of protein and potassium … mmmm, well, and? I told you in this post on the Naukas portal . Example of the first, to distract by focusing on one thing and then say another (something legal) we have in the publi a famous dairy drink that announces asking if our defenses have breakfast. José Manuel López Nicolás explained it to us in this entry and in this one .

And finally we have the last bad slob, this time on the fringe of legality, at least in my opinion: chimichurris who claim to be a dietary source of omega three but, despite including it, their quantity is well below the amounts to be able to make that type of claim; or make aggressive comparisons with other products when promoting your own.

If you are interested in these topics, you have an appointment

If you are interested in these topics, you have an appointment

So, if you think these questions are interesting and you want to know first-hand the opinion of five popularizers who leave their souls very often to highlight these scams, you have the opportunity to attend the event convened by the OCU in Madrid, this Monday, July 6 at 11:00 at the Barceló Market . There we will be what the OCU has called # 5BloggersConGusto . They are El Comidista (Mikel López Iturriaga), Julio Basulto , Tomatoes with Genes (José Miguel Mulet) and a server, El Nutrición de la General (Juan Revenga)

Term life insurance calculator

Term life insurance calculator

With a term life insurance calculator, consumers experience quickly and without obligation the financial outlay they can use to protect their relatives. So it is often possible with just a few euros a month to protect loved ones from the financial consequences of a death.


How does the term insurance calculator calculates the contributions?

The insurance premiums for term life insurance depend on various factors. Therefore, some personal data must be provided in the term insurance calculator in order to obtain the most accurate possible result. This includes, for example, the date of birth. The earlier you take out term life insurance, the lower your contributions will be. Because with increasing age, the risk of a premature death increases. In addition, smoking increases the personal health risk considerably. So if you are a smoker, you also have to expect higher costs for term life insurance.

Risk life insurance calculator takes into account occupation

Risk life insurance calculator takes into account occupation

For the calculation of the best insurance rates, the term life insurance calculator also requires an indication of the type of occupational activity. A physically demanding activity affects the personal risk of death. In the past, contributions were also differentiated between male and female insurance customers. On average, women have a longer life expectancy. Therefore, by December 2012, they had to pay lower insurance premiums. Since 21 December 2012, however, applies to all types of insurance, the so-called unisex rule. This means that women and men pay the same high contributions, the gender may not be considered in the contribution calculation.

Which insurance sum is optimal?

Which insurance sum is optimal?

For the term insurance calculator, the desired sum insured must also be specified. This should be high enough so that the relatives are adequately protected in the event of death. Experts suggest that the sum insured should be set at three to five times the gross annual income. It should also take into account, where appropriate, current and future expenditure such as the repayment of a loan or the cost of training children. Of course, the higher the sum insured, the higher the insurance contributions will be. However, you should not save in the wrong place here.

Risk life insurance Use calculators for initial orientation

Risk life insurance Use calculators for initial orientation

The term insurance calculator gives consumers a first good impression of how high the costs of a survivor’s protection are. In addition, it is possible to check different levels of the sum insured in terms of cost. Especially young people should bear in mind that it is possible for many insurers to agree on a reinsurance guarantee. This means that a subsequent increase in the sum insured without renewed health check is possible, if your own living conditions change. For example, if you have already taken out end-of-life insurance in order to secure the life partner financially, it may make sense to increase the sum insured if children are born.

Personal health risk can not be fully calculated

When calculating the term life insurance by the reference calculator is also queried whether the consumer is a smoker or not. Other health risk factors are not considered. One of the reasons is that the health issues are evaluated individually by the insurers. It is therefore hardly possible to compare the different assessments of pre-existing conditions or risk factors. For this reason, the term insurance calculator offers a very good impression of the best rates for survivor protection. However, the personal health risk and possible risk surcharges can only be taken into account by the respective insurance company. In addition to the risk life insurance calculator, therefore, offers the advice of an independent expert.

Advantages of the term life insurance calculator

Advantages of the term life insurance calculator

The costs of survivor’s protection can vary considerably. Not only the personal risk factors are decisive. Even if the respective tariff is in itself very cheap or even completely overpriced, should not be neglected. For this reason, a tariff comparison with our term life insurance calculator makes sense. Consumers receive a quick and non-binding overview of the best and cheapest fares. Upon completion of the calculation, they may also request a personal offer. In this way, they not only protect their relatives optimally in case of emergency, but may also save a lot of money.


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A model of ecological housing comes to Madrid where almost everything is shared

A model of ecological housing comes to Madrid where almost everything is shared

 The construction of the one that aspires to be the first residential building in Spain with almost zero energy consumption, a project of the Entrepatios cooperative in the district of Usera, halfway between the purchase and the rent, and whose tenants will share spaces and cares.

This cohousing project responds to a philosophy of life very widespread in countries like Uruguay, where future tenants design together with an architectural studio all the aspects related to the space they will inhabit through a participatory process.

“If you give a group of people the chance to choose how they would like to live, buildings can change radically,” says Iñaki Alonso, architect of the sAtt study who has worked on this Usera project.

Iñaki will also be one of the more than 50 tenants (32 adults and 21 children) who will live in these homes, located in an area of ​​the district of Usera popularly known as Las Carolinas and whose construction has just begun.

The history of this project dates back to 2012, when a group of people decided to join “to think” moved by their concern to find a way of living more sustainable, supportive and contrary to “real estate speculation”.

“The current housing models did not fit us,” says Nacho Garcia, one of the promoters of this promotion, which began to take shape at the end of 2016 with the purchase of a site.

Entrepatios, the first housing ecosocial cooperative in the right to use in Madrid, was already halfway between rent and purchase.

With this regime (which can be indefinite in time, transmitted and inherited) the cooperative person acquires the right to use the dwelling and common spaces, while the ownership of the property is of the cooperative.

For Nacho, who hopes to release his new home in 2020 with his partner and two children (4 and 6 years old), another key to this project is the community lifestyle.

“It’s a community, not a commune, you share spaces, help and care, but that does not mean that anyone is going to enter your home,” he says.

Thus, the promotion of Las Carolinas will have 17 homes of between 61 and 83 square meters that will be accessed by an exterior corrala conceived as a “meeting space” between neighbors, some of whom already knew each other before Join the project.


There will be almost 300 square meters of common areas

There will be almost 300 square meters of common areas

that include a multipurpose room with kitchen and dining room, a games room, an interior patio, a workshop and a parking lot for around 70 bicycles and about six shared cars.

The building will have a basement and four floors including the ground floor, where a room will be installed to organize consumer groups together with other neighborhood residents, and the attic, which will have a barbecue area, a solar kitchen and a green space with an orchard and planters.

This promotion aims to be the first residential building in Spain with almost no energy consumption thanks to the installation of solar panels on the roof and one of the few in Madrid built with wooden structure.

The design also foresees a system that collects rain and recycles water, which will mean a saving of about 750,000 liters per year, as well as controlled double-flow mechanical ventilation that will prevent contaminants from entering the exterior thanks to a filter.

“It is worthwhile for my five-year-old son to grow up in that environment different from the one we usually live in our buildings,” says Berta Iglesias, another of the future tenants.

Fiare Banca Ética and Triodos Bank jointly fund this project, in which each family has made an initial contribution of 50,000 euros on average for the purchase of the land.

“It requires an initial level of savings higher than usual”, warns Beatriz García, manager of sustainable construction of Triodos Bank, since in this case to access funding the group has to be closed, which can complicate the process.

When they come to live, the tenants will pay a monthly fee that starts at 600 euros for the smallest houses, to which we must add expenses of around 150 euros for community, taxes and bills.

The Entrepatios cooperative has started a very similar project on a plot in Villa de Vallecas and is looking for a land for a third development. 

The speech of the Union of Barack Obama

The speech of the Union of Barack Obama

Last month, I visited Andrews AFB and welcomed some of our last troops who fought in Iraq home. Together, we offered a final salute and pride to the flag under which more than one million of our American comrades fought, and some thousands gave their lives.

We meet tonight knowing that this generation of heroes has increased the security and respect of the United States around the world. For the first time in nine years, there are no Americans fighting in Iraq.

For the first time in two decades, Osama bin Laden is not a threat to this country. Most of al Qaeda’s top lieutenants have been defeated. The Taliban’s momentum has slowed down, and some troops in Afghanistan have begun to return home.

These achievements are a testament to the courage, generosity and teamwork of the US military. At a time when too many of our institutions have disappointed us, they exceed all expectations. They are not guided by their personal ambition. Nor are obsessed with the differences between them. They focus on the mission that lies ahead. And they work together.

Imagine what could be achieved if we followed his example. Think of the United States that we have within our reach. A country that leads the world in education. A country that attracts a new generation of high-tech manufacturing jobs and jobs that pay good wages. A future in which we are in control of our own energy, and in which our security and prosperity are not so linked to unstable places in the world. An economy built to last, where hard work achieves results and where responsibility is rewarded.

We can make it. I know we can, because we have done it before. At the end of World War II, when another generation of heroes returned home from the war, they created the strongest economy and middle class the world had ever known. My grandfather, who was a veteran of Patton’s army, had the opportunity to study at the university under the law of readjustment of soldiers known as GI Bill. My grandmother, who worked in a bomb factory, was part of the workforce that produced the best products in the world.

The two shared the optimism of a nation that had triumphed over a great economic depression and fascism. They understood that they were part of something bigger; that they were contributing to a success story that all the inhabitants of the country had the opportunity to share: the basic promise of the USA. If you work hard, you can earn enough to raise your family, own your home, send your children to college, and save a little for your retirement.

The key issue of our times is how to keep that promise alive. No other problem is more urgent; No debate is more important. We can settle for a country where a growing number of people are very successful, while more Americans barely cover their expenses. Or we can create a nation where everyone has a fair chance, where everyone does what belongs to them, and everyone is governed by the same rules. What is at stake is not the Democratic or Republican values, but the American values. We have to recover them.

Remember how we got to this. Long before the recession, jobs and manufacturing began to leave our country. Technology made businesses more efficient, but also made some jobs obsolete. People at the economic top saw an unprecedented increase in their income, but most working Americans suffered to cope with rising costs, non-increasing checks, and personal debt that continued to grow.

In 2008, the paper house collapsed. We learned that mortgages were sold to people who could not afford them or could not understand them. Banks made huge bets and gave bonuses with other people’s money. The regulators had turned a blind eye, or lacked the authority to put an end to the deplorable behavior.

That was very wrong. It was irresponsible. And it plunged our economy into a crisis that left millions unemployed, overburdened us with more debt, and left innocent and hardworking people carrying the dead. In the six months before I assumed the presidency, we lost almost four million jobs. And we lost another four million before our policies came into full force.

Those are the facts. However, these are also. In the last 22 months, businesses have created more than three million jobs. Last year, they created the largest number of jobs since 2005. US manufacturing companies They are hiring again, creating jobs for the first time since the late 1990s. Together, we have agreed to cut the deficit by more than $ 2 billion. And we have established new rules to hold Wall Street accountable, so that a crisis like this never happens again.

The state of our union is strengthening. We have come too far to back out now. While I am President, I will collaborate with everyone in this chamber to take advantage of this momentum. But I intend to combat the obstruction with action, and I will oppose any effort to return to the same policies that led us to this economic crisis in the first place.

No, we will not return to an economy weakened by the export of jobs, uncollectible debts, and fictitious financial gains. Tonight, I want to talk about how we go forward and present a specific plan for an economy built to last: an economy built on US manufacturing, US energy, training for the workers of the United States. USA, and a renewal of US values.

This specific plan begins with the US manufacturing.

This specific plan begins with the US manufacturing.

The day I assumed the presidency, our automotive industry was on the verge of collapse. Some even said that we should let her die. With a million jobs at stake, I refused to allow it. In exchange for help, we demand responsibility. We got the workers and car manufacturers to sort out their differences. We achieved that the industry was reconditioned and restructured. Today, General Motors is once again at the top as the world’s first automaker. Chrysler has grown faster in the US than any other major car company. Ford is investing billions in plants and factories in the US Together, the entire industry increased almost 160,000 jobs.

We bet on the American workers. We bet on American ingenuity. And tonight the American car industry has been reborn.

We bet on the American workers. We bet on American ingenuity. And tonight the American car industry has been reborn.

What is happening in Detroit can happen in other industries. It can happen in Cleveland and in Pittsburgh and in Raleigh. We can not bring back all the jobs that left our country. But, at this moment, it is becoming more expensive to do business in places such as China. Meanwhile, USA It is more productive. A few weeks ago, the CEO of Master Lock told me that it currently makes business sense for him to bring back jobs. Now, for the first time in fifteen years, the unionized Master Lock plant in Milwaukee is running at full capacity.

So we have a tremendous opportunity, at this time, to bring back manufacturing. But we have to take advantage of it. Tonight, my message to business leaders is simple: ask yourself what you can do to bring jobs back to your country, and your country will do everything possible to help them succeed.

We must start with our tax code. Currently, companies receive tax advantages for moving jobs and profits abroad. Meanwhile, companies that choose to stay here pay one of the highest tax rates in the world. That does not make sense, and everyone knows it.

So let’s change it. First, if you are a business that wants to outsource jobs abroad, you should not receive a tax deduction for it. That money should be used to cover the moving expenses of companies like Master Lock who decide to bring the jobs back home.

Second, no US company should be able to avoid paying its share of taxes due to the transfer of jobs and profits abroad. From now on, every multinational company must have to pay a basic minimum tax. And every last penny should be used to reduce taxes on companies that choose to stay here and contract here.

Third, if you are a US manufacturing company, you should receive a higher tax cut. If it is a high-tech manufacturing company, we should double the tax deduction you receive for manufacturing your products here. And, if you want to move to a community that suffered a serious impact when a factory left, you should get help to finance a new plant, equipment, or training for new workers.

My message is simple. It’s time to stop rewarding businesses that send jobs abroad, and start rewarding companies that create jobs right here in the US. Send me those tax reforms and I’ll sign them immediately.

We are also making it easier for US companies. the sale of their products in all parts of the world. Two years ago, I set a goal of doubling US exports. during a period of five years. With the bipartisan trade agreements that I have promulgated, we are on track to meet that goal sooner than projected. Soon there will be millions of new customers of products from the United States in Panama, Colombia and South Korea. Soon, there will be new cars on the streets of Seoul imported from Detroit, Toledo, and Chicago.

I will go anywhere in the world to open new markets for products from the United States. And I will not stand by when our competition is not governed by the rules. We have initiated almost twice as many commercial cases against China as those initiated by the previous administration, and it has had an effect. More than a thousand Americans have jobs today because we stopped a large increase in the consumption of Chinese tires. But we have to do more. It is not right for another country to allow the piracy of our films, music and software. It is not fair for foreign manufacturing companies to take us advantage only because they have numerous subsidies.

Tonight, I am announcing the creation of a Commercial Rules Compliance Unit that will be responsible for the investigation of unfair business practices in countries such as China. There will be more inspections to prevent the entry of false or harmful products to our country. And this Congress must ensure that no foreign company has an advantage over US manufacturing in terms of obtaining financing or venturing into new markets such as Russia. Our workers are the most productive in the world and, if there are equal circumstances, I promise that the US he will always win.

I also hear that many business leaders want to hire in the United States, but can not find workers who have the necessary skills. Growing industries in science and technology have two job opportunities for each worker available to do the job. Analyze that situation: job opportunities at a time when millions of Americans are looking for work.

That is unforgivable. And we know how to solve it.

That is unforgivable. And we know how to solve it.

Jackie Bray is a single mother from North Carolina who lost her job as a mechanic. Then Siemens opened a gas turbine factory in Charlotte, and created a partnership with Central Piedmont Community College. The company helped the school design laser and robotic training courses. He paid Jackie’s studies, and then hired her to help operate his plant.

I want every American who is looking for a job to have the same opportunity that Jackie had. Join me in a national commitment to train two million Americans with the skills that will lead them directly to employment. My government has already made arrangements with other companies that want to help. There are model societies that are already operating between companies such as Siemens and community colleges in places like Charlotte, Orlando and Louisville. Now, it is necessary to give more community colleges the resources they need to become community centers of careers, places that give people the skills that companies are looking for right now, from data management to high-tech manufacturing.

And I want to simplify the maze of confusing training programs, so that, from now on, people like Jackie have a program, a website, and a place to look for all the information and help they need. It is time to turn our unemployment system into a re-employment system that puts people to work.

These reforms will help people get jobs that are available today. But to prepare for tomorrow’s jobs, our commitment to hands-on training and education has to start much earlier.

For less than one percent of what our country spends on education every year, we have convinced almost every state in the country to raise their expectations for instruction and learning. It is the first time that this happens in a whole generation.

However, we have other challenges. And we know how to solve them.

However, we have other challenges. And we know how to solve them.

At a time when other countries are redoubling education, limited budgets have forced states to lay off thousands of teachers. We know that a good teacher can increase the income of a student classroom during their lifetime by more than $ 250,000. A great teacher can offer an escape from poverty to a student who dreams beyond their circumstances. Every person in this chamber can indicate a teacher who changed the trajectory of his life. Most teachers work tirelessly, with a modest salary, sometimes using their own resources to buy school supplies, only to have decisive influence. Teachers are important. So, instead of reproaching them, or defending the status quo, let’s offer them a deal to schools. Let’s give them the resources to keep good teachers employed, and reward the best. In return, let’s offer them flexibility: teach with creativity and passion, stop teaching in order to pass exams, and replace teachers who are simply not helping the kids learn.

We also know that when students are not allowed to drop out of their education, more of them will go on stage to receive their diploma. So tonight, I urge every state to demand that all students remain in high school until they graduate or turn eighteen.

When the boys graduate, the most difficult challenge may be the cost of the University. When Americans owe more in debt for education expenses than for credit card debts, this Congress should avoid doubling the interest rates on student loans in July. Extend the tax credit to the cost of teaching that we started and that saves middle class families thousands of dollars. And give more young people the chance to pay for their university studies by doubling the number of jobs with work-study programs in the next five years.

Of course, it is not enough that we increase student attendance. We can not continue subsidizing teaching expenses that increase disproportionately. We would run out of money. States must also do their part by giving higher education a higher priority in their budgets. And universities must do their part by striving to keep costs down. Recently, I spoke with a group of university rectors who have done exactly that. Some schools redesign their courses so that students can finish more quickly. Others use better technology. The point is that this is possible. So let me warn the universities: if they can not avoid raising the costs of teaching, the funding they receive from taxpayers will decrease. Higher education should not be a luxury. It is an economic imperative that all families in the United States should be able to afford.

Recall also that hundreds of thousands of talented and applied students in this country face another challenge: the fact that they are not yet American citizens. Many came to this country when they were small children, they are Americans to the core but they live day by day with the threat of being deported. Others arrived more recently to study careers in commerce, science and engineering, but as soon as they obtain their degree, we send them to their country to invent new products and create new jobs elsewhere.

That does not make any sense.

That does not make any sense.

I firmly believe that we must face the problem of illegal immigration. That’s why my government has put more surveillance agents on the border than ever before. That’s why there are fewer illegal crossings since I took office.

Opponents to take action have run out of excuses. We must work on comprehensive immigration reform now. But if the political intrigues of the election year prevent Congress from formulating a comprehensive plan, at least we agree to stop expelling these responsible young people who want to work in our laboratories, start new businesses and defend this country. Send me a law that gives them the chance to earn their citizenship. I’ll sign it immediately.

An economy built to last is one in which we foster the talent and inventiveness of each person in this country. That means that women should receive the same remuneration for doing the same job. It means that we must support everyone who is willing to work; and anyone who takes risks and every entrepreneur who aspires to become the next Steve Jobs.

After all, innovation is something that the United States has always been characterized for. Most new jobs are created in new companies and small businesses. That’s why we approve a program that helps them succeed. Let’s eliminate the regulations that prevent those who aspire to be entrepreneurs from obtaining the financing required to grow. Let’s expand the tax reduction to small businesses so they can raise wages and create good jobs. Both parties agree on these ideas. So, include them in a bill and send them to my desk this year.

Basic research is essential for innovation. Today, the discoveries that take place in our nationally funded laboratories and universities could lead to new treatments that kill cancer cells but do not affect healthy cells, or new light vests for police and soldiers that can stop any bullet. Do not eliminate these investments from our budget. Do not let other countries win the race of the future. Support the same type of research and innovation that led to the computer chip and the Internet; to new jobs and new industries for Americans.

Nowhere is the promise of innovation greater than in the energy produced in the United States. Over the past three years, we have opened millions of new acres for oil and gas exploration, and tonight, I am asking my government to open more than 75% of our potential offshore oil and gas resources. Currently, US oil production is the highest it has been in eight years. That’s right: eight years. Not only that: last year, we depended less on foreign oil than any of the last sixteen years.

But with only 2% of the world’s oil reserves, oil is not enough. This country needs a comprehensive strategy that includes all of the above and takes advantage of all available resources of the US energy, a strategy that is cleaner, cheaper and promotes many new jobs.

We have a supply of natural gas that can last the United States for almost a hundred years, and my Government will take every possible step to take advantage of this energy safely. Experts believe that this will support more than 600,000 jobs by the end of this decade. And I will demand that all companies that drill for gas on public land disclose the chemicals they use. The United States will take advantage of this resource without endangering the health and safety of our citizens.

The development of natural gas will create jobs and supply energy to trucks and factories that is cleaner and more economical, demonstrating that we do not have to choose between our environment and our economy. And by the way, they were the public dollars destined to the investigation, in the course of thirty years, those that contributed to develop the technologies to extract all this natural gas of the schistose rock. This reminds us that government support is crucial in helping companies to come up with new ideas on energy.

What is true for natural gas is true for clean energy. In three years, our partnership with the private sector has already made the United States the world’s leading manufacturer of high-tech batteries. Due to federal investments, the use of renewable energy has almost doubled. And thousands of Americans have jobs because of it.

When Bryan Ritterby was fired from his furniture manufacturing job, he said he was concerned that at age 55, no one would give him a second chance. But he found work at Energetx, a manufacturer of wind turbines in Michigan. Before the recession, the factory only built luxury yachts. Today, he hires workers like Bryan, who said, “I’m proud to work in the industry of the future.”

Our experience with schist gas shows us that the benefits of these public investments do not always come immediately. Some technologies do not work; some companies fail. But I will not turn my back on the promise of clean energy. I will not turn my back on workers like Bryan. I will not give the wind, solar or battery industry to China or Germany because we were not willing to take the same commitment here. We have subsidized oil companies for a century. That’s enough. It’s time to put an end to taxpayer assistance that benefits an industry that has rarely been more profitable, and to bet on a clean energy industry that has never been more promising. Approve tax credits for clean energy and create these jobs.

We can also promote energy innovation with new incentives. The differences in this chamber may be too deep today to approve a comprehensive plan to combat climate change. But there is no reason why Congress does not establish at least one clean energy standard that creates a market for innovation. So far, you have not acted. Well, tonight I will. I am telling my Government to allow the development of clean energy on enough public land to power three million homes. And I’m proud to announce that the Department of Defense, the world’s largest energy consumer, will make one of the largest commitments to clean energy in history. The Navy will buy enough capacity to supply energy to a quarter of a million homes a year.

Of course the easiest way to save money is to waste less energy. That is why here I make another proposal: to help manufacturers to eliminate energy waste in their factories and grant incentives to companies to modernize their buildings. Your energy bills will be $ 100,000 million lower in the next decade and the United States will have less pollution, more factories and more jobs for construction workers who need them. Send me a bill that creates these jobs.

Building this new energy future should be just one part of a larger program to repair the infrastructure of the United States. There is so much of the United States to rebuild. We have roads and bridges that are collapsing, an electrical network that wastes too much energy, an incomplete network of high-speed broadband that prevents an owner of a small rural business in the United States from selling their products throughout the world.

During the Great Depression, the United States built the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. After World War II, we connect our states with a highway system. The Democratic and Republican governments invested in great works that benefited everyone, from the workers who built them to the companies that still use them today.

In the next few weeks, I will sign an Executive Order that will eliminate paperwork that delays too many construction projects. But you must fund these projects. Take the money that we no longer spend in the war, use half of it to pay off our debt and use the rest for the construction of the nation here in the United States.

There has never been a better occasion to build, especially since the construction sector was one of the most affected when the housing bubble burst. Of course the construction workers were not the only ones harmed. So were millions of innocent Americans who have seen the value of their home decrease. And while the government can not solve the problem on its own, responsible homeowners should not have to wait for the housing market to hit bottom to get some relief.

That is why I will send to Congress a plan that will give each responsible homeowner the possibility of saving about $ 3,000 a year on their mortgage through a refinancing at historically low interest rates. Enough of bureaucratic impediments. No more banking obstacles. A small fee to the largest financial institutions will ensure that the deficit does not increase, and will provide the banks that were rescued by the taxpayers with the possibility of re-establishing confidence.

Let’s never forget: millions of Americans who work hard and follow the rules every day deserve a government and a financial system that does the same. It is time to apply the same rules from top to bottom: enough financial rescues, gifts and breaches of responsibilities. A country like the United States, built to last, demands the responsibility of all.

We have all paid the price for lenders who sold mortgages to people who did not have the means to pay them, and buyers who knew they could not afford them. That’s why we need smart regulatory rules to prevent irresponsible behavior. The rules to prevent financial fraud, or the dumping of toxic waste, or defective medical devices, do not destroy the free market but make it work better.

There is no doubt that some standards are outdated, unnecessary or too expensive. In fact, I have approved fewer rules in the first three years of my presidency than those that my Republican predecessor approved in theirs. I ordered each federal agency to eliminate the rules that do not make sense. We have already announced more than 500 reforms, and only a fraction of them will save businesses and citizens more than US $ 10 billion over the next five years. We eliminated a 40-year-old rule that would have forced some dairy producers to spend $ 10,000 per year to prove they could contain a spill because the milk was classified for some reason as an oil. With a rule like that, I suppose it was worth crying over spilled milk.

I am confident that a dairy producer can contain a spill of milk without being supervised by a federal agency. But I will not stop making sure that the oil companies can contain the kind of oil spill that we saw in the Gulf two years ago. I will not stop protecting our children from mercury contamination or making sure our food is safe and our water is clean. I will not go back to the days when the insurance companies had the power to cancel the user’s policies, deny coverage or charge different rates to women than to men without any obstacle.

And I will not go back to the days when Wall Street was allowed to play by its own rules. The new rules that we passed restore what should be the central goal of any financial system: to get financing from entrepreneurs with the best ideas, and to provide loans to responsible families who want to buy a house, start a business, or send a child to University.

So if you are a large bank or financial institution, you will no longer be allowed to make risky bets with your clients’ deposits. Está obligado a escribir un “testamento vital” que detalla exactamente cómo va a pagar las cuentas si fracasa, porque el resto de nosotros no volveremos rescatarle nunca jamás.

Y si es un prestamista hipotecario o un prestamista de día de pago o una compañía de tarjetas de crédito, se han terminado los días de vender a las personas productos que no pueden pagar con formularios confusos y prácticas engañosas. Hoy en día, los consumidores estadounidenses por fin tienen un guardián en Richard Cordray con un propósito: velar por ellos.

También estableceremos una Unidad de Crímenes Financieros de investigadores altamente capacitados para tomar medidas enérgicas contra el fraude a gran escala y proteger las inversiones del pueblo estadounidense. Algunas firmas financieras violar las principales leyes anti-fraude porque no existe una verdadera sanción por violar la ley repetidamente. Eso es malo para los consumidores, y es malo para la gran mayoría de los banqueros y profesionales de servicios financieros que hacen lo correcto. Así que aprueben leyes que hacen que las sanciones para el fraude se hagan valer.

Y esta noche le pediré a mi Fiscal General que cree una unidad especial de fiscales federales y estatales para expandir nuestra investigación de la emisión abusiva de préstamos y venta de hipotecas riesgosas que llevó a la crisis habitacional. Esta unidad hará responsables a quienes violaron la ley, acelerará la asistencia a los dueños de hogares, y ayudará a salir de una época de imprudencia que hizo tanto mal a tantos estadounidenses.

Un retorno a los valores americanos de jugar limpio y la responsabilidad compartida nos ayudará a proteger a nuestra gente y nuestra economía. Pero también nos debe guiar cuando consideramos como pagar nuestra deuda e invertir en nuestro futuro.

Ahora mismo, nuestra prioridad más inmediata es detener un aumento de impuestos para 160 millones de trabajadores estadounidenses mientras la recuperación sigue siendo frágil. La gente no puede permitirse el lujo de perder 40 dólares de cada cheque de pago este año. Hay muchas maneras de hacer esto. Así que pongámosnos de acuerdo, aquí y ahora: nada de temas secundarios. Nada de drama.

Aprueben el recorte de impuestos sobre la nómina salarios sin demora.

Aprueben el recorte de impuestos sobre la nómina salarios sin demora.

Cuando se trata del déficit, ya hemos acordado a más de $2 billones en recortes y ahorros. Pero necesitamos hacer más, y eso significa tomar decisiones. En este momento, estamos a punto de pasar casi $1 billón más en lo que se suponía que era una rebaja de impuestos temporales para el 2% de los estadounidenses más ricos. En este momento, debido a lagunas reglamentarias y los refugios en el código tributario, un cuarto de todos los millonarios pagan tasas impositivas más bajas que millones de hogares de clase media. En este momento, Warren Buffett paga una tasa impositiva más bajo que su secretaria.

¿Queremos mantener a estos recortes de impuestos? ¿O es que queremos mantener nuestras inversiones en todo lo demás – como la educación y la investigación médica, un ejército fuerte y cuidado para nuestros veteranos? Porque si hablamos en serio sobre el pago de nuestra deuda, no podemos hacer ambas cosas.

El pueblo estadounidense sabe cual es la decisión correcta. Así como le dije el Presidente de la Cámara este verano, estoy dispuesto a hacer más reformas para controlar los costos a largo plazo de Medicare y Medicaid, y para fortalecer el Seguro Social, siempre y cuando los programas sigan siendo una garantía de seguridad para las personas mayores.

Pero a cambio, tenemos que cambiar nuestro código tributario para que la gente como yo, y una gran cantidad de los miembros del Congreso, pague su parte justa de impuestos. La reforma fiscal debe seguir la regla de Buffett: si usted gana más de $1 millón al año, usted no debe pagar menos del 30% en impuestos. Y mi amigo republicano Tom Coburn tiene razón: Washington debe dejar de subsidiar a los millonarios. De hecho, si usted está ganando un millón de dólares al año, no debe recibir subsidios especiales de impuestos o deducciones. Por otro lado, si usted gana menos de $250,000 al año, al igual que el 98% de las familias estadounidenses, sus impuestos no deben ser aumentados. Ustedes son los que luchan con los crecientes costos y los salarios estancados. Ustedes son los que necesitan alivio.

Ahora, usted puede referirse a esto como una lucha de clases. Sin embargo, ¿pedirle a un multimillonario que pague por lo menos tanto como su secretaria en impuestos? La mayoría de los estadounidenses lo llamarían sentido común.

No guardamos rencor al éxito financiero en este país. Lo admiramos. Cuando los estadounidenses hablan de que gente como yo debe pagar su parte justa de impuestos, no es porque envidian a los ricos. Es porque entienden que cuando yo recibo deducciones de impuestos que no necesito y que el país no puede pagar, o bien se añade al déficit, o alguien más tiene que pagar por la diferencia – como una persona mayor con un ingreso fijo; o una estudiante que está tratando de quedarse en la escuela; o una familia que intenta ganarse la vida. That is not right. Los estadounidenses saben que el éxito de esta generación sólo es posible porque las generaciones pasadas sintieron una responsabilidad hacia los demás, y hacia el futuro de su país, y saben que nuestra forma de vida sólo perdurará si tenemos el mismo sentido de responsabilidad compartida.

Así es como vamos a reducir nuestro déficit. Así será un Estados Unidos construido para ser perdurable.

Así es como vamos a reducir nuestro déficit. Así será un Estados Unidos construido para ser perdurable.

Reconozco que las personas que nos miran esta noche tienen visiones encontradas sobre los impuestos y la deuda, sobre el empleo y el sistema de salud. Pero independientemente del partido al que pertenezcan, imagino que la mayoría de los estadounidenses ahora están pensando lo mismo: que no se logrará hacer nada este año, ni en el año que viene ni, quizás, en el otro, porque Washington está descompuesta.



¿Pueden culparles por sentir algo de cinismo?

¿Pueden culparles por sentir algo de cinismo?

El mayor golpe a la confianza en nuestra economía durante el año pasado no surgió de acontecimientos fuera de nuestro control. Surgió de un debate en Washington, sobre si Estados Unidos iba a pagar o no sus facturas. ¿A quién le benefició ese fiasco?

He hablado esta noche del déficit de confianza entre el ciudadano común y los mercados financieros. Pero la división entre esta ciudad y el resto del país es igual de mala —y parece empeorar cada año.

Parte de la culpa reside en la influencia destructiva del dinero en la política. Tomemos juntos, entonces, algunas medidas para remediarla. Envíenme un proyecto de ley que prohíba el abuso de información privilegiada en la Bolsa por Miembros del Congreso y lo firmaré mañana. Prohibamos que los funcionarios elegidos estén en posesión de acciones de las industrias afectadas por su trabajo.

Aseguremos que las personas que juntan contribuciones para las campañas electorales del Congreso no puedan hacer cabildeo en el Congreso, y viceversa —una idea que goza de apoyo bipartidista, por lo menos fuera de Washington.

En parte, lo que está mal tiene que ver con la manera en que el Congreso lleva sus asuntos hoy en día. Una simple mayoría ya no es suficiente para aprobar nada en el Senado —ni los asuntos más rutinarios—. Ninguno de los partidos se encuentra exento de culpabilidad en estas tácticas. Ahora ambos partidos deben ponerles fin. Para empezar, pido al Senado que apruebe una regla para que todos los nombramientos a puestos judiciales o de servicio público reciban una votación simple, a favor o en contra, dentro de 90 días.

El poder ejecutivo también necesita cambiarse. En demasiados casos es ineficaz, anticuado y distante. Es por eso que he pedido a este Congreso que me dé la autoridad de consolidar la burocracia federal, para que nuestro gobierno sea más eficiente, más rápido y más atento a las necesidades del pueblo estadounidense.

Finalmente, ninguna de estas reformas será posible si no bajamos el tono en esta ciudad. Necesitamos acabar con la idea de que los dos partidos deben estar siempre trabados en una campaña perpetua de destrucción mutua; que la política se trata de aferrarse a ideologías inflexibles en vez de llegar a consensos en torno a ideas racionales.

Soy demócrata. Pero creo en lo que creyó el republicano Abraham Lincoln: que un gobierno debe hacer para la gente solo lo que la gente no puede hacer mejor, y no más. Es por eso que mis reformas educativas ofrecen más competencia, y más control para las escuelas y los estados. Es por eso que nos estamos deshaciendo de los reglamentos que no funcionan. Es por eso que nuestra ley sanitaria se basa en un mercado privado reformado y no un programa gubernamental.

Por otro lado, hasta mis amigos republicanos que se quejan más del gasto gubernamental han apoyado carreteras, proyectos de energía sostenible y agencias federales para la gente de su distrito o estado, todos financiados por el gobierno federal.

Lo que quiero decir es que todos debemos querer tener un gobierno más inteligente y más eficaz. Y aunque quizás no lleguemos a llenar el vacío entre nuestras diferencias filosóficas más grandes este año, podremos lograr avances notables. Con este Congreso o sin él, yo seguiré actuando para fomentar el crecimiento de la economía. Pero hay mucho más que podría yo hacer con la ayuda de ustedes. Porque, cuando actuamos juntos, no hay nada que no puedan lograr los Estados Unidos de América.

Esto es lo que hemos aprendido de nuestras acciones en el exterior en los años más recientes.

La conclusión de la guerra en Irak nos ha permitido dar golpes decisivos a nuestros enemigos. Desde Pakistán a Yemen, los operarios de al-Qaeda que quedan hacen lo posible para huir, reconociendo que no podrán escaparse del alcance de los Estados Unidos de América.

Desde esta posición de poder, hemos empezado a concluir la guerra en Afganistán. Han regresado a casa diez mil tropas. Saldrán otras veintitrés mil para finales de este verano. Esta transición al control afgano continuará y construiremos una asociación duradera con Afganistán para que nunca más sea una fuente de ataques a Estados Unidos.

A la vez que se retrocede la oleada de la guerra, ha llegado una oleada de cambio al Oriente Medio y África del Norte; desde Túnez a El Cairo, desde Saná a Trípoli. Hace un año, Gadafi era uno de los dictadores con más tiempo en el poder en todo el mundo —un asesino con la sangre de estadounidenses en las manos. Hoy, está muerto. Y en Siria, no tengo duda alguna de que el régimen de Assad pronto se dará cuenta de que las fuerzas del cambio son irreversibles y que la dignidad humana no puede ser suprimida.


Aún no se sabe con seguridad en qué manera terminará esta transformación extraordinaria, pero nos interesa muchísimo el resultado de la misma. Defenderemos esos valores que han sido tan útiles a nuestro propio país, aunque queda en manos del pueblo de la región decidir su propio destino en última instancia. Nos opondremos a la violencia y la intimidación. Haremos valer los derechos y la dignidad de todos los seres humanos, hombres y mujeres, cristianos, musulmanes y judíos. Respaldaremos las políticas que conduzcan al establecimiento de democracias sólidas y estables y de mercados abiertos, pues la tiranía no llega a los talones de la libertad.

Y salvaguardaremos la propia seguridad de Estados Unidos contra aquellos que amenacen a nuestros ciudadanos, nuestros amigos y nuestros intereses. Miren a Irán. Gracias al poder de nuestra diplomacia, ahora se yergue unido un mundo otrora dividido en la manera de enfrentar el programa nuclear de Irán. El régimen está más aislado que nunca; sus líderes enfrentan sanciones asfixiantes. Esta presión no cederá en tanto el régimen rehúya sus responsabilidades. Que no quede duda alguna que Estados Unidos está decidido a impedir que Irán desarrolle armas nucleares. No descartaremos ninguna opción disponible para lograr este objetivo. Pero aún es posible llegar a una resolución pacífica de este problema. Aún más, si Irán cambia de rumbo y cumple sus obligaciones, puede reincorporarse a la comunidad de naciones.

For many parents, the time to give their children dinner is a problem

 For many parents, the time to give their children dinner is a problem

especially for those whose children eat in the school cafeteria . Thus, in many cases, dinner is a moment of uncertainty. I mean, what to put, what dishes to prepare and present to the youngest … would it be appropriate to put pasta for dinner (or any other dish) if they had it at noon or recently at school? Is it convenient that if they have taken lentils to eat, they are given chickpeas at dinner? And other questions of a similar nature. Thus, to solve to some extent this type of situations and many others there is this application for mobile devices called ” Menuterraneus “.

It is true that in most cases, today the weekly minutes, or more usually monthly, that schools send to parents with what children will eat in the school cafeteria usually include, many of them , certain suggestions to complete in the best possible way the feeding of the smallest ones through dinners . However, these indications, besides that sometimes shine by their absence, the truth is that they are not always especially detailed. And hence the interesting thing about this application, which based on the data that the user enters on the menus of meals, will offer a series of concrete, simple, nutritionally adequate alternatives and in principle based on the general characteristics of what is done call “Mediterranean Diet” .

How does Menuterraneus work?

How does Menuterraneus work?

In practice, managing the subtraction application is quite simple: the children’s menu is introduced (this could be the heaviest part) and the application proposes the corresponding dinners , its way of elaboration based on simple recipes (it is not necessary to have studied in Haute Cuisine schools) and, if you like, also generates a shopping list to make the aforementioned dinners. That heavy part to which I refer can be avoided to a certain extent if you are lucky, if when entering the menu of meals the information of the school center, course and date is included … there is someone who has already registered the menu of that school in concrete. In this way, each “new” parent who wants to obtain the alternatives for their children’s dinners will immediately obtain the proposals if another parent of the same school has already done so previously (and registered in the system).

But the application goes further, and it is appreciated that besides being able to plan the dinners based on the menus of the school meals, it allows to plan all the meals (I know it is rare, but I have been told that there are still children who eat at home with their parents). For them, there is also the possibility of planning the menu of meals and dinners in full.

My particular criticism

My particular criticism

The truth is that I think it is a very suitable tool for those people who do not have too developed these abilities to plan menus … not only for children, but for the whole family. The food proposals by groups, as well as above, have seemed to me quite adequate, with a more or less correct frequency as well. Nevertheless…

On the most critical level I think there is an excessive fixation with the inclusion of second courses based on meat or fish ( the usual thing on the other hand ) independently of the first ones. Second courses to which also, not a few of them, should accompany them a vegetable garnish that is not always present and therefore is missing. On the other hand, in the field of recipes, the sensation is that of pure simplicity, they fall into the “simplism” . I illustrate it with two cases among the several that I found:

  • In the recipe for “stuffed peppers” (begins by not saying what they are stuffed with) their preparation suggests: ” put the peppers without defrosting in a microwave-safe container … ” that is, those peppers already filled with … whatever, they are Frozen Nothing against, in principle, but a small way of proposing a recipe . Simple as few, but I think a bit of “jeta”. In addition, then there is the added of cataloging this recipe as a “vegetable” dish … something curious as little when those peppers, at least in the photo that illustrates the recipe are filled with minced meat.
  • Another of the recipes “Cauliflower gratin” suggests putting the cauliflower (once cooked) in a baking dish, next to a few teaspoons of fried tomato, some ham taquitos and sprinkle some grated cheese on top and baked … this … And the bechamel? To me they forgive me, but in this way the recipe in question is quite distorted with respect to what has been usual.

In summary, behind the contents of the application, beyond its functionality, it seems that there are competent people. According to some sources, its contents are developed by “experts” of the Complutense University of Madrid and the application has been awarded within the first edition of the “Ruralapps” awards … but of course, and in my opinion, there are some edges to be filed . For more information, you have the answers to some frequently asked questions about this application in this link .

If you dare to use it or you already know it, it would be great if you shared your impressions with the rest in the comments.

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The Government debates a withdrawal on the regional debt

Image result for mariano rajoyThe Government of Mariano Rajoy has finally opened the door to the debate on a possible cancellation, reduction or reduction of the more than 80,000 million debt that the autonomous communities have with the State through the different vehicles created since 2012, especially the Autonomic Liquidity Fund ( FLA ) and the fund for the payment of suppliers, according to sources close to the Executive consulted by this newspaper. 

Last Thursday, the discussion started in the Delegate Committee on Economic Affairs. After that debate, a new meeting was agreed for the next few days, this week, in which President Mariano Rajoy is expected to make a final decision. The commission is an organ of the Government that prepares the subjects of economic nature that are discussed in the Council of Ministers, and that Rajoy presides over and of which they are part, among others, the vice-president Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría ; the Ministers of Finance and Public Administrations, Cristóbal Montoro ; Economy, Luis de Guindos; Employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez; Development, Ana Pastor, in addition to the person in charge of the Economic Office, Álvaro Nadal.

Montoro’s proposals on the matter affect both the debt already assumed, the stock, and the future one that can be issued. Regarding the first, the Public Administrations approach implies a broad restructuring of that debt, with changes in its maturity calendar and reductions in its volume, in percentages and forms that, according to the sources consulted, would still be determined.

“We cannot be forgiven…”

Image result for forgivenessMontoro has already been making statements in the line of considering that debt as the State. In an interview in La Vanguardia last October, he pointed out that “in practice this debt is already being left by the State, we are mutualizing it, it is becoming the debt of the entire State.” We can not be forgiven because Brussels would oblige us to move that forgiveness to the deficit. ” Precisely the opinion of Brussels is one of the elements most present in the governmental discussion and on which affects the Minister of Economy, Luis de Guindos, much more cautious on the matter.

It is not, however, the external the only front that worries the Government. The governments of the autonomies that have not accepted the FLA, led by the Community of Madrid, chaired by Ignacio González, lead the opposition to a possible cancellation of the debt of the other autonomies. The last time was on the occasion of the intervention this week of Miquel Iceta, the leader of the Catalan Socialists, adding to the request for measures of this type.

The backdrop of the debate in the government is that the state funds are assuming a rapidly growing regional debt and no longer only cover the maturities with foreign creditors, they are also supplying them with liquidity for their most pressing payments, even when They have exceeded the fixed deficit limits. This is what the conseller Andreu Mas-Colell describes as “shadow deficit”, higher than the theoretically fixed, but covered with transfers from the State, which avoids the financial collapse of the communities with more problems; an implicit recognition that the autonomic adjustments have reached the limit and that communities like Catalonia are poorly financed, with the current model expired and without prospects of a new one in the near future.

In fact, the rate of increase of regional debt remains very high, installed in the last two years at around 15%, despite the hard adjustments applied. In part, as Mas-Colell points out, because the autonomies assume a third of all public spending, but only have one sixth of the deficit of all public administrations.

Although no responsible of the Administration of the State recognizes it publicly, the reality is that this debt has become uncollectible. However, sources close to the central government talk ironically that “if you think of cases like Greece, does anyone think that you will be asked to repay your debt?”. It is a de facto assumption of the inability to pay.

Catalonia is the community that owes more money in absolute figures to state funds, about 32,600 million, and Valencia, which leads the ranking in proportion to the size of its economy, about 20,000 million. These two communities, together with Andalusia, which adds another 15,000 million, concentrate more than 80% of the FLA’s resources.

In addition to these three, they have received the FLA Aragón, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha and Murcia. Extremadura has recently joined, and Galicia could do so soon.

The other package of measures on regional debt discussed by the Government refers to future issues of regional debt. According to the sources consulted, there are two types of proposals. One, that of the Treasury, under the Ministry of Economy, is in favor of the fact that in the future all the emissions will be carried out through this organization with a centralized character through a new agency.

The other, in this case of the Ministry of Public Administration, advocates a return to the previous decentralized model, that the autonomous communities go back to the market to finance themselves, but as long as they meet certain requirements in terms of deficit and spending.

Schemes that, initially, have a cold reception by the Generalitat, because they would imply different degrees of protection of the Central Administration on the expenses of the affected communities, that is, a limitation of their autonomy.

How to choose a good deposit, keys and tips

Image result for how?Really the differences between these products are not many within the different offers of bank deposits of the different entities, but, if enough to justify a relatively deep study of the elements that make up the offer, but also of our needs as savers .

In this article we give a review of everything you should know about structured deposits

It is evident that it is not the same to hire a short-term deposit as a long-term one, or to contract a deposit paid in kind on a growing one. We will review the main elements that we should always keep in mind before hiring a deposit.

What type of deposit interests me the most

What type of deposit interests me the most

This is the first question we must ask ourselves. It is true that there is not such a wide range of different models, since the main difference, as we will see later, lies in the term. But within the market we will find offers of varied deposits, not always linked to a specific profitability model, which may be an alternative to take into account .

From structured deposits to deposits in kind , the offer allows the user to really assess what can be more attractive at each moment, therefore, we must first define what we are looking for ; it will not be the same to look for a bridging product between investments, for which a short-term deposit can be very interesting, or to look for a concrete yield on a specific amount of money for which even a deposit in kind can be worth.

What term interests me more

As deposit returns are evolving today, we could almost say that this is the most important element. Determine the term is basic because, as we know, liquidity is not precisely the virtue of these products . We must therefore always fine-tune the period of time in which we wish to place the tax, taking into account the possible liquidity needs that may arise during this period , and, also bearing in mind, that an anticipated cancellation of the product generally and especially the deposits in the longer term, it can mean a high cost that will not be worth the operation at all.

In this post we make a comparison between deposits and paid accounts.

How much money to put in the deposit

This is also a relevant issue, although it is directly linked to the previous one. We should always determine the money that we want to place in the deposit. In many cases the deposit limits allow us to play with the deposits and look for more than one option to obtain better results . For example, we can bet perfectly for a deposit with a specific term with a specific amount, but do not bet all our assets destined to saving that product while we wait for a more convenient offer, or a product that is more attractive to us. In general, as with most investment and savings products, placing all the money in one direction does not necessarily have to be a good idea.

Why hire deposits with a profitability like the current one?

Linking yes or no?

Nowadays, some of the best deposits are destined to attract new money from the entities . As indicated in the previous point, this can be exploited if we find a policy of diversification of savings, but, nevertheless, In many cases it presents a variable to be taken into account; the bonding

We must assess the degree of connection required by the hiring of a welcome deposit, especially if it is linked to another product such as a payroll or similar account . Depending on the maximum limit that allows the contribution and the profitability that we obtain during the tax period, we can really calculate if the operation will be interesting or not, taking into account that depending on the added product and its costs may not be so interesting in the medium term.

Costs and penalties for cancellation

Image result for costsThe expenses of the deposits are not comparable to those generated by other products, even so, they can exist and of course should be taken into account in the calculation of the possible profitability, something that must always be done regardless of the presence or not of these expenses. Also, of course, we must take into account the cancellation costs before hiring a savings product, in this case a deposit . The reason is really simple, the difference of offers between entities can lead to a product in the same range of time that imposition has less cancellation fee than another; Obviously we do not want to cancel the product, but in case of necessity it will always be better to have opted for that option that has lower present cost.