Movilízate and find out what you eat. For some labels without cheating!

Much to our dismay the labeling and the publication of food are not infrequently misleading

I am convinced that it is not always a matter of bad baba , that is to say that there is always a certain effort behind those labels to make an impression on the consumer different from the reality, but in many other occasions I think that there is fraud after those labeled almost always deceitful and sometimes, in addition, fraudulent. However, as I say there are also cases of flagrant ineptitude , stupidity if you prefer to say so. One of them I told you in this post when talking about the impossibility that in many coffee labels and cookies of a well-known food distributor the sum of the parts was greater than the total when fats are concerned (ie , that the sum of the content in saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats was an order of magnitude greater than the amount of declared total fats), another example is the classic one of those ” Pipas sin sal ” as a product name that later clarified its ingredients that way: “Ingredients: Pipes and Salt”. Ole

But not all are “errors” without bad intention (if that is the case of the two previous examples that I am not clear). Sometimes we find that bad slob in food labeling when we highlight a feature of the product that although it is true “is there” the reality is that its presence is downright ridiculous. I told you in this post when talking about the tetrabrick broth with chicken, specifically with 0.7% poultry or the home soup for paella with shrimp from Huelva, specifically with 0.3% prawn of Huelva . Not to mention the ridiculousness of the ” bread crumbs made with fresh bread ” … sorry?

In addition there is bad free baba with that of the homemade, natural and Mediterranean … expressions all absolutely empty of credibility when they come inscribed in an industrial mayonnaise sauce, some very healthy biscuits or canned lentils. I’ve told you in several post already, some examples here , here , here and here . They are put because they project in the consumer an image of good vibes, more healthy food … in definitive accounts of an added value that certainly does not have. The only way that some cookies or lentils or industrial croquettes were truly homemade is that those who make them live in the factory , that this was their house and already, therefore, they were homemade, but really-goop … I do not know if you understand me?

Then there is the bad baba covered in legality , this is typical of the largest.

Then there is the bad baba covered in legality , this is typical of the largest.

They know very well to look for the return to the law of the labeling and publicity to pretend to say one thing expensive to the consumer when in fact they are saying another or … directly the allegation that is made is certain, it is proclaimed with great fanfare, it does not work for -gives. Example of this last thing we have in some sausages that the publi told us that they were a dietary source of protein and potassium … mmmm, well, and? I told you in this post on the Naukas portal . Example of the first, to distract by focusing on one thing and then say another (something legal) we have in the publi a famous dairy drink that announces asking if our defenses have breakfast. José Manuel López Nicolás explained it to us in this entry and in this one .

And finally we have the last bad slob, this time on the fringe of legality, at least in my opinion: chimichurris who claim to be a dietary source of omega three but, despite including it, their quantity is well below the amounts to be able to make that type of claim; or make aggressive comparisons with other products when promoting your own.

If you are interested in these topics, you have an appointment

If you are interested in these topics, you have an appointment

So, if you think these questions are interesting and you want to know first-hand the opinion of five popularizers who leave their souls very often to highlight these scams, you have the opportunity to attend the event convened by the OCU in Madrid, this Monday, July 6 at 11:00 at the Barceló Market . There we will be what the OCU has called # 5BloggersConGusto . They are El Comidista (Mikel López Iturriaga), Julio Basulto , Tomatoes with Genes (José Miguel Mulet) and a server, El Nutrición de la General (Juan Revenga)

Term life insurance calculator

Term life insurance calculator

With a term life insurance calculator, consumers experience quickly and without obligation the financial outlay they can use to protect their relatives. So it is often possible with just a few euros a month to protect loved ones from the financial consequences of a death.


How does the term insurance calculator calculates the contributions?

The insurance premiums for term life insurance depend on various factors. Therefore, some personal data must be provided in the term insurance calculator in order to obtain the most accurate possible result. This includes, for example, the date of birth. The earlier you take out term life insurance, the lower your contributions will be. Because with increasing age, the risk of a premature death increases. In addition, smoking increases the personal health risk considerably. So if you are a smoker, you also have to expect higher costs for term life insurance.

Risk life insurance calculator takes into account occupation

Risk life insurance calculator takes into account occupation

For the calculation of the best insurance rates, the term life insurance calculator also requires an indication of the type of occupational activity. A physically demanding activity affects the personal risk of death. In the past, contributions were also differentiated between male and female insurance customers. On average, women have a longer life expectancy. Therefore, by December 2012, they had to pay lower insurance premiums. Since 21 December 2012, however, applies to all types of insurance, the so-called unisex rule. This means that women and men pay the same high contributions, the gender may not be considered in the contribution calculation.

Which insurance sum is optimal?

Which insurance sum is optimal?

For the term insurance calculator, the desired sum insured must also be specified. This should be high enough so that the relatives are adequately protected in the event of death. Experts suggest that the sum insured should be set at three to five times the gross annual income. It should also take into account, where appropriate, current and future expenditure such as the repayment of a loan or the cost of training children. Of course, the higher the sum insured, the higher the insurance contributions will be. However, you should not save in the wrong place here.

Risk life insurance Use calculators for initial orientation

Risk life insurance Use calculators for initial orientation

The term insurance calculator gives consumers a first good impression of how high the costs of a survivor’s protection are. In addition, it is possible to check different levels of the sum insured in terms of cost. Especially young people should bear in mind that it is possible for many insurers to agree on a reinsurance guarantee. This means that a subsequent increase in the sum insured without renewed health check is possible, if your own living conditions change. For example, if you have already taken out end-of-life insurance in order to secure the life partner financially, it may make sense to increase the sum insured if children are born.

Personal health risk can not be fully calculated

When calculating the term life insurance by the reference calculator is also queried whether the consumer is a smoker or not. Other health risk factors are not considered. One of the reasons is that the health issues are evaluated individually by the insurers. It is therefore hardly possible to compare the different assessments of pre-existing conditions or risk factors. For this reason, the term insurance calculator offers a very good impression of the best rates for survivor protection. However, the personal health risk and possible risk surcharges can only be taken into account by the respective insurance company. In addition to the risk life insurance calculator, therefore, offers the advice of an independent expert.

Advantages of the term life insurance calculator

Advantages of the term life insurance calculator

The costs of survivor’s protection can vary considerably. Not only the personal risk factors are decisive. Even if the respective tariff is in itself very cheap or even completely overpriced, should not be neglected. For this reason, a tariff comparison with our term life insurance calculator makes sense. Consumers receive a quick and non-binding overview of the best and cheapest fares. Upon completion of the calculation, they may also request a personal offer. In this way, they not only protect their relatives optimally in case of emergency, but may also save a lot of money.


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A model of ecological housing comes to Madrid where almost everything is shared

A model of ecological housing comes to Madrid where almost everything is shared

 The construction of the one that aspires to be the first residential building in Spain with almost zero energy consumption, a project of the Entrepatios cooperative in the district of Usera, halfway between the purchase and the rent, and whose tenants will share spaces and cares.

This cohousing project responds to a philosophy of life very widespread in countries like Uruguay, where future tenants design together with an architectural studio all the aspects related to the space they will inhabit through a participatory process.

“If you give a group of people the chance to choose how they would like to live, buildings can change radically,” says Iñaki Alonso, architect of the sAtt study who has worked on this Usera project.

Iñaki will also be one of the more than 50 tenants (32 adults and 21 children) who will live in these homes, located in an area of ​​the district of Usera popularly known as Las Carolinas and whose construction has just begun.

The history of this project dates back to 2012, when a group of people decided to join “to think” moved by their concern to find a way of living more sustainable, supportive and contrary to “real estate speculation”.

“The current housing models did not fit us,” says Nacho Garcia, one of the promoters of this promotion, which began to take shape at the end of 2016 with the purchase of a site.

Entrepatios, the first housing ecosocial cooperative in the right to use in Madrid, was already halfway between rent and purchase.

With this regime (which can be indefinite in time, transmitted and inherited) the cooperative person acquires the right to use the dwelling and common spaces, while the ownership of the property is of the cooperative.

For Nacho, who hopes to release his new home in 2020 with his partner and two children (4 and 6 years old), another key to this project is the community lifestyle.

“It’s a community, not a commune, you share spaces, help and care, but that does not mean that anyone is going to enter your home,” he says.

Thus, the promotion of Las Carolinas will have 17 homes of between 61 and 83 square meters that will be accessed by an exterior corrala conceived as a “meeting space” between neighbors, some of whom already knew each other before Join the project.


There will be almost 300 square meters of common areas

There will be almost 300 square meters of common areas

that include a multipurpose room with kitchen and dining room, a games room, an interior patio, a workshop and a parking lot for around 70 bicycles and about six shared cars.

The building will have a basement and four floors including the ground floor, where a room will be installed to organize consumer groups together with other neighborhood residents, and the attic, which will have a barbecue area, a solar kitchen and a green space with an orchard and planters.

This promotion aims to be the first residential building in Spain with almost no energy consumption thanks to the installation of solar panels on the roof and one of the few in Madrid built with wooden structure.

The design also foresees a system that collects rain and recycles water, which will mean a saving of about 750,000 liters per year, as well as controlled double-flow mechanical ventilation that will prevent contaminants from entering the exterior thanks to a filter.

“It is worthwhile for my five-year-old son to grow up in that environment different from the one we usually live in our buildings,” says Berta Iglesias, another of the future tenants.

Fiare Banca Ética and Triodos Bank jointly fund this project, in which each family has made an initial contribution of 50,000 euros on average for the purchase of the land.

“It requires an initial level of savings higher than usual”, warns Beatriz García, manager of sustainable construction of Triodos Bank, since in this case to access funding the group has to be closed, which can complicate the process.

When they come to live, the tenants will pay a monthly fee that starts at 600 euros for the smallest houses, to which we must add expenses of around 150 euros for community, taxes and bills.

The Entrepatios cooperative has started a very similar project on a plot in Villa de Vallecas and is looking for a land for a third development.